Huawei is now bigger than Apple, in terms of smartphone sales


This might come across as heresy but Apple isn’t quite the force in the smartphone world that it once was. Chinese company Huawei has come along and dislodged the American tech-maker from its long-held Number 2 spot in the world smartphone rankings. In terms of units sold, that is.

The folks over at Counterpoint Research have been keeping tabs on recent smartphone sales and Huawei’s been having a very good time of late. June saw Huawei’s smartphone sales outstripping Apple’s own efforts, while July this year has Huawei clinging to that lead, if only just doing so. Data for August isn’t available, yet.

Apple loyalists probably don’t have to worry too much about this state of affairs. Huawei holds its lead for now — only just — but it isn’t expected to stay there. There are a variety of reasons for this, chief among them being a limited presence in a large proportion of the global market. Once they ramp up availability in places like India and the States, though, Apple could be in permanent trouble in the global rankings. Not right now, though.

Especially since Apple also has a product announcement taking place next week. We suspect that there’s a tiny chance that the sales of whatever’s announced will catapult Apple back into its accustomed place for another year or so.

Source: via Phandroid


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