Mark your calendars – Apple’s iPhone 8 reveal should be set for 12 September


We may finally have a day for the iPhone 8’s official reveal and it’s right around the corner. Apple is reported to have set “…a product-announcement event” for 12 September this year, according to a Wall Street Journal report, a move which would be… well, about what we’ve come to expect from the company.

Apple is said to be revealing three phones this time around. Two handsets may seem familiar and are supposed to continue the incremental updates we often see — that’d be the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. But the company is also thought to be doing something a little special for the iPhone’s tenth anniversary in the form of the iPhone 8 (if it even gets that title).

The iPhone 8 is the phone that everyone has been concentrating on, being the subject of rumour and speculation regarding design choices and changes, as well as the new tech expected to be launched with the phone. So much so that we’d be hard-pressed to tell you what Apple is planning for the iPhone 7s and its larger sibling.

Also on the cards is an Apple Watch 3 announcement, perhaps a new Apple TV, and if you really have faith, possibly an actual Apple-made television set — though what they’d call that device is anyone’s guess. iTV? No, that’s taken… but Apple is smart, the company will think of something.

Even though there hasn’t been an official confirmation, we’ve been expecting a date for Apple’s announcement to pitch up some time this week. Or, at the very least, early next week so official confirmation can’t be far off. Apple’s announcements are just about clockwork, generally turning up in early September. Last year’s event took place on 7 September so a 12 September event for 2017 isn’t unbelievable.

Source: Wall Street Journal


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