High-speed Hyperloop: Watch Hyperloop test pod pass 320km/h in moments


So you want to see the future of transport before it’s the future of transport? The Hyperloop, the brainchild of  future Martian potentate Elon Musk, is happy to oblige.

What you’re about to see in Elon Musk’s Instagram post (seriously, follow all of his social media accounts) is the WARR Hyperloop team’s pod blasting through about 1.2km of tunnel at a near vacuum. The top speed the prototype pod reached was 324km/h, or about as fast as they’ll let the cars you own go before confining you to a track. The result is brief but spectacular.

Hyperloop WARR pod run to 201 mph (324 km/h) in 0.8 mile near vacuum tube

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The WARR Hyperloop team consists of a set of 30 German students who were competing in (and won) the latest round of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition. Their top speed was the decider but it seems that Musk has ever higher hopes for the test chamber used for the contest. He wants to go even faster. See, this is why he’s going to be the first emperor of Mars.

And he wants us to get inside these things one day? Well, okay. We were always taught to never argue with royalty.

Source: Elon Musk (Instagram)


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