Light Start – Ancient math, Fist of the North Star, Xbox One stops, and suit up for space

And now we present: The oldest math homework ever discovered

We get that this doesn’t plug into a wall or connect to electricity in some way but this is math — the thing that makes all of the tech in your home actually work. Without it, we wouldn’t have put objects in space or microwaves in homes, or Donald Trump in the White House. Math is sorry about that last one. But what you can see here is some of the oldest trigonometry ever discovered, dating back to 1800 BCE. Before it was ‘officially’ invented. What is unusual about it is that it uses a method of calculation completely unfamiliar to us, because we use the Greek method of calculation (based on triangles) rather than this more ancient approach (which uses… rectangles?). Before you get too excited: No, this won’t add anything radically new to our current understanding of math (and therefore tech) but it is a previously lost way of doing things. A very advanced way of doing things, given its age. Just sayin’…

Source: via Ars Technica

Fist of the North Star game being made by the creators of the Yakuza series

If youre any kind of gaming fan then you owe it to yourself to at least look at the Yakuza series. But if gangsters and karaoke are not your thing then perhaps you’d be interested in a Fist of the North Star game made by the same developers? Because post-apocalyptic brawling is totally going to be a thing soon and, based on the gameplay video, it’s going to be awesome. More than awesome because, by the sound of things, North Star‘s Kenshiro is being voiced (in the video above at least) by Yakuza‘s Dragon of Dojima, Takaya Kuroda. We’re… extremely okay with that. Expect it first in 2018

Source: Polygon

The Xbox One has come to an end. Long live the Xbox One!

And just like that, a games console has vanished. Not ‘vanished’ vanished, this isn’t the Rapture for gamers (which would include a lot more coin noises). More… just died down. The Xbox One, the original one released first in 2013, has been pulled from sale. That doesn’t mean they’re all gone but it does mean that we’ve probably seen all of them that we’re going to see. The older console has been replaced by the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X in Microsoft’s online stores in the States and the UK and we’re sure that the original design Xbox One will see out its days in other markets. Markets like South Africa, so expect it to be available here for a while yet. Still, the old ways are now fading.

Source: The Verge

In the future, all astronauts will be dressed by Elon Musk

So this is what the future will look like, huh? Actually, that’s quite attractive. Makes us want to spend even more time in space (any time would be greater than our current ‘zero’ hours). And it’s functional too. What you’re looking at is the kind of thing that Elon Musk, the first Emperor of Mars, posts in Instagram. This is the space suit that will be worn by astronauts in the Dragon capsule once it starts ferrying people. And this isn’t just a concept either, this suit has been “…tested to double vacuum pressure”. Plus, it manages to look stylish at the same time. Because with Musk, there’s no point in doing space if you can’t look good at the same time.

Source: Elon Musk (Instagram)


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