You must construct additional pylons — Starcraft Remastered is live


More proof that we’re actually trying to live in the past is the existence of many, many remakes and remasters. Or maybe that’s just where the money is these days. No matter, we don’t care about companies taking our cash as long as they keep giving us awesome — like the newly-released Starcraft Remastered, which is now out and waiting to consume hours of your life.

Blizzard has been remaking the classing real-time strategy title from the ground up for some time — literally in most respects since the original files had been lost somewhere along the way. They’ve managed to work their developer magic on the title, though, maintaining the old gameplay balance while scaling it up to 4K, visually.

They’ve also added a few new features, like online leaderboards, profiles and stat tracking, persistent chat (as opposed to that thing you used to input cheat codes), and a set of hotkeys, for faster Zerg rushes online. If that hasn’t set your clicks-per-second reflexes in action, perhaps this live-action trailer will float your Terran command centre.

You can pick it up right now, for the princely sum of 15 Euro (or about R235) according to the EU page that the hub website insists on sending us to. Which, if you’ll recall, is less than you paid for the game the first time around.


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