Samsung’s U Flex headphones will bend over backwards to please you


If you’re using an Android, specifically a recent Samsung Android, then chances are you’re in the market for a set of mobile headphones. Not that there’s anything wrong with the AKG-made buds bundled with the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus but we do like the look of Samsung’s wireless U Flex neckband headphones.

The new U Flex, based on the animated video below, are being designed to work best with the newest Samsung handsets and it’ll also play nice with the company’s range of wearables. Extended-range Bluetooth is being included as a feature, a set of physical controls will be present on the neckband, and Samsung’s including a programmable Features button which can launch S Health, digital assistant Bixby, or the voice recorder — it just depends on how you plan to use it.

The speakers are made up of 8mm and 11mm drivers (tweeters and woofers, respectively) and these speakers are two-way, obviously, so you can make calls using the headphones. Then there is the neckband itself, which is “…designed to fit comfortably and withstand harsh conditions”. The band will be able to flex (hence the name) up to 100 degrees and will be available in Black, Blue, or Ivory colours.

We’ve got a good idea what the headphones will do but we don’t know when we can have a pair — and it’s never a good idea to make us wait. Samsung has yet to announce launch, price or availability but since it’s being optimised for use with the S8 (and the Note 8, we assume), we reckon we’ll see it here at home soon enough.

Source: Samsung


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