TIKAD is the drone all those Terminator movies warned us about


If when asked “What is the next thing needed in drone technology?”, you answer “Guns!” we will a) question your sanity and b) congratulate you on thinking like the makers of TIKAD.

TIKAD is a drone that looks an awful lot like the rigs used to tote around high-end camera equipment for the movie industry. There is one big difference though: Shooting with these results in far, far larger holes. Except maybe in the case of a Michael Bay plot hole. But they both involve explosions, in that case, so there’s still a link-up somewhere along the line.

The TIKAD drone is being touted as a future soldier of sorts, an unmanned vehicle capable of carrying around guns, assault rifles, and even grenade launchers. The flying machine of death is supposedly very accurate but its prime feature is that it is capable of absorbing the recoil caused by assault weapons thanks to a proprietary compensation system. Which would, you know, lead to the aforementioned accuracy.

This isn’t something that you’d find on a shelf at WeFix, however. The company behind this flying weapons platform, Duke Robotics, is looking to make various governments their prime customers, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see a few ‘hunters’ hoping to add these to their arsenals when they do become available. We suspect that launch day will be a secretive affair, however.

And if you were wondering, Duke Robotics is based in Florida, the home of the internet-famous Florida Man — an internet search term that will keep you busy for the rest of your fake-Monday.

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