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Remember when we last gave away a NutriBullet? We certainly do, and we’ve got the links to prove it, but it’s been almost two years since then so we thought it would be nice to revisit that wonderful time in 2015, back before 2016 and 2017 happened.

You do know what a NutriBullet is, don’t you? Of course you do, you’re a Stuff reader. It’s the (partly) SA-designed, high-powered blender/crusher of all things edible (we could test it on the inedible but… nah) and the reason why editor Craig keeps bringing strange green liquids into the office. The NutriBullet is capable of rendering even the toughest of foods into a tasty puree. Provided you’re not blending carrot, guava, and pilchard smoothies, that is. Oh, and there are more than 30 million units (overall) in circulation since the appliance’s launch. Long story short, you want one. Everyone does. So we’re giving one away. But first… (you know how this goes) a little homework.

With its patented blade design and unique cyclonic action, the revolutionary NutriBullet breaks down even the toughest ingredients (carrots, nuts, ice, etc.) into their most digestible, nutrition-enhancing state. Being a nutrition extractor or super blender, there is no part of the fruit or vegetable that gets lost (notably including the pulp). Incredibly easy to use, and to clean, the NutriBullet will transform your daily diet.

For more information and orders, including free delivery to your door, visit or call 0861 777 997.

 The recommended selling price is R1995.

Right, do you have all that? Good, because now you’re going to have to answer a couple of questions. Or perhaps just one, plus your details. It’s a new month, so we’re not going to be too mean. We’ve also got a few legal thingies to get out of the way before you can start: Click through to the Terms and Conditions for the bits where we lay out all our strange requirements and then you’re set to pop on down to the entry form and get your entry in. Or, you know, don’t, but entering means that you agree to be bound by the Ts & Cs. The winner will be announced on 1 September.


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