Your month (for free) on PlayStation Plus — August 2017


You might not love the idea of paying for a PlayStation Plus subscription, but that annual subscription includes a massive bounty of free games.

Each and every month, Sony trots out a new selection of games you can download for free all month and then keep and play forever, so long as you maintain your Plus subscription. You’ll always find at least a couple of PlayStation 4 picks, along with games for PS3 and Vita as well.

Looking for a heads-up on which games you can grab right now and soon ahead? We’ve got you covered: these are the PlayStation Plus freebies for August 2017, which will be available to download starting 1 August — that’s tomorrow. And if you didn’t grab July’s free downloads yet, then scroll further down for a quick look at those titles. You have less than a day left.

Just Cause 3 (PS4)

In the mood to blow stuff up? Sure you are – and Just Cause 3 is here to quench your thirst for destruction. This over-the-top, open-world sequel isn’t entirely brilliant, but the gadgets are great fun, the destruction is just great, and it’s pretty funny, to boot. And for the wonderful price of… well, nothing, it ought to be plenty fun.

Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry (PS4)

Freedom Cry? Did we miss an entire Assassin’s Creed somewhere down the line? No, not exactly: it’s actually a bit of standalone story DLC from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (the pirate one). It’s set decades after the main game, and finds you battling French slavers. Should be a nice little refresher before Assassin’s Creed: Origins comes along this holiday season.

That’s You (PS4)

Here’s something different: you’ll need a smartphone or tablet to play That’s You, which is the first of Sony’s new PlayLink titles. With a touch device as your controller, you can play this irreverent party game, which has you doodle, answer questions, snap photos, and more. And this one is free for Plus members into October, so you have time. No rush.

Super Motherload (PS3)

The PS3 has a much quieter month than PS4 this month, but at least Super Motherload looks interesting. It’s a couch co-op adventure about an alt-Cold War showdown on Mars, as you mine beneath the surface – and find more than you’d bargained for.

Snakeball (PS3)

Snakeball is a 3D, multiplayer-centric update to Snake – you know, the classic Nokia phone game. And despite its flashy, inviting, dance club-esque setting, it’s not supposed to be all that great. On the other hand, it’s free, and there’s almost nothing new out on PS3 these days…

Downwell (Vita, PS4)

Usually, by the time we get to the free Vita offerings, it’s just the pits – there’s rarely anything noteworthy offered up for Plus subscribers. But Downwell is truly excellent. Coming over from mobile, this roguelike high-score chase sends you falling down an endless well filled with freaky monsters, and the monochromatic pixel look and frenetic speed make it feel totally original. It’s playable on PS4, too!

Level 22 (Vita)

Here’s another Vita game that’s seen some solid praise: Level 22 is a stealth-action game (like Metal Gear Solid), albeit one in a dull, 9-5 job office (not like MGS). Waking up late for work with a rough hangover, you’ll need to sneak your way through 22 floors of managers and obstacles and find your way to your desk unseen.

Until Dawn (PS4)

Until Dawn is a big bundle of horror film and gaming clichés all wrapped up together… and it’s great. It’s an interactive movie of sorts that tosses you into terrifying situations, with stellar scares, real consequences for your actions and decisions, and plenty of reason to revisit and change up your run. It’s much better than it has any right to be, honestly.

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series (PS4)

HBO’s Game of Thrones is back, so if you haven’t played Telltale’s episodic game adaptation, now is pretty much the best time. You’ll get the entire six-episode haul for free, and the storyline kicks off during the infamous Red Wedding and fills in some gaps alongside the TV story. And the real actors reprise their parts, too! We liked it, even if the season’s ending falls short. Will there be another?

Tokyo Jungle (PS3)

You might’ve missed this little gem from the PS3 days, but Tokyo Jungle is a cult favourite. Sony’s offbeat game takes place after the fall of man, when animals of all sorts take over the deserted Tokyo. This survival-centric affair blends action, stealth, and strategy and ends up with a decidedly unique concoction.

Darkstalkers Resurrection (PS3)

Capcom’s Darkstalkers has always lived in the shadow of Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom, and if you’ve lived the fighting franchise, you can catch up with Darkstalkers Resurrection. You’ll get the PSone entries Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3, both updated for the PS3 era with enhanced graphics, online play, and more.

Element4l (Vita)

PlayStation Plus’ free Vita games haven’t been terribly exciting of late, but Element4l is truly worth a look. This indie platformer has been praised on PC, and now you’ll be able to play it on the go on Vita, harnessing the abilities of fused-together elements to overcome puzzling challenges.

Don’t Die Mr. Robot (Vita/PS4)

Don’t Die Mr. Robot might not look like much by comparison, but it actually received pretty solid reviews. This frantic arcade-style experience finds your little robot chomping up fruit, which unfortunately causes him to explode – but that also kills the approaching baddies, so you’ll just do it over and over again. This one’s playable on PS4 too, if you please.


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