Nikon is readying the D850 for the company’s 100th anniversary


Hey, here’s something that’ll make you feel old — unless you’re some kind of camera history buff (yeah, we know you’re reading this), that is. Nikon are prepping their D850 full-frame camera for launch and the reason they’re doing that is because… the company is turning 100.

Nikon has made it to a century, a feat that few tech-based companies can boast of. And this milestone is going to be marked by the Nikon D850, the successor to the D810 and “…a formidable tool for creators who will not compromise on exceptional image quality and versatility”.

Unfortunately there isn’t any non-marketing speak in the announcement, though the company says that they’re implementing a new set of tech for the camera based on feedback and suggestions from users over the years. Which doesn’t tell us much at all, though the D850 will apparently be high-resolution and high-speed, at the very least. We would bloody well hope so, given the projected price. We don’t know that either but the D810, the unit this one will be replacing, will still run you about R54,000, body-only. So… expect to pay more than that.

There are are some hints as to the new full-frame shooter’s capabilities, though. For a taste of what the D850 will be able to do, check the teaser video below. The video was shot using the D850, showing off the camera’s low-light chops, what looks to be UHD recording, and a gorgeous nighttime time-lapse. Which could be seen in 8K, if you were doing the shooting yourself. No look at the actual camera, except from a distance, though. Pity.

Source: Nikon


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