The next to enter the smartphone arena? Razer, apparently


Razer, a company best known for making gaming peripherals, using ALL the multicoloured lights, and being fond of a specific shade of green, could well be the next company to release its own smartphone.

That’s the rumour, anyway. Razer, having recently acquired some new tech, is reportedly looking at launching an IPO some time in October this year. All the cool kids are doing it, and Razer is hoping to raise up to $5 billion. Well, between $3 and $5 billion — let’s not get too greedy.

From there, Razer will supposedly have the funds (and the tech) to develop a smartphone targeted at their core market — gamers. Specifics on what such a phone might involve aren’t explored but we may have a few ideas.

If the company does indeed plan to release a smartphone then there isn’t much development that needs doing. It is now the owner of Nextbit and that company’s smartphone, the Robin. All that they really need to do is a little rebranding and a whole chunk of marketing and they’ll be able to push out a handset in short order. We obviously hope they’re putting a little more thought into it than that but the quick route is an option.

The biggest question would really be: Could Razer make a smartphone for gamers stick? Companies like Mozilla, which have no background in smartphone manufacture, have resorted to partners to realise their ambitions and those efforts haven’t worked out out all that well. But then, Razer is all about taking weird chances — witness the three-monitor madness (seen above) that is Project Valerie.

Source: 9to5Google


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