Old habits die hard: HMD Nokia teaming up with Zeiss optics again


If you cast your mind back to recent years and the biggest claims made by a smartphone camera, the Nokia 1020 is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Possessed of a 41MP Carl Zeiss camera setup, this phone was camera overkill in its time and we thought that we might never see its like again. Except…

Current Nokia makers HMD Global have announced that the brand will once again be partnering with Carl Zeiss in order to “…set new imaging standards within the smartphone industry.” Sounds like something that will result in some new and interesting camera options for us, at the end of the day.

The new long-term partnership will see Zeiss and Nokia/HMD tweaking the phone company’s camera tech in ways “…spanning the entire ecosystem from software, services, through to screen quality, and optic design”, though the specifics are being left to our imagination for now. Understandably so, as the ink is barely dry on the fresh agreement, but we’re hoping for some more PureView-like overcompensation in future.

When that future starts is also unknown. It’s being speculated that Nokia has a new handset, the Nokia 9, awaiting release and that the (unconfirmed) 9 will have dual cameras in place. If the glass has been arranged via Zeiss we won’t even think about complaining but it’s likelier that it’ll be some time before the new agreement starts paying out. Stay tuned.

Source: HMD Global via Engadget


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