Porsche has teamed up with AOC to design a computer monitor


Porsche seems to be putting its name on more and more tech. Well, mostly phones. But their co-branding work with monitor maker AOC is another step down the tech path, even if it’s not quite as expensive a step as you’d expect from a Porsche-branded item.

Porsche, specifically Porsche Design, has partnered with AOC to create two HD monitors: the 24in PDS241 and the 27in PDS271. We’re assuming that PDS stands for Porsche Design Studio, in this particular case.

The point behind the sleek design is to give users a computer screen that dispenses with the dangly cable thing that happens with most displays unless you’re the kind of person who has OCD, a glue gun, and time on their hands. Which is a pretty good trick, though we’d have preferred something a little more Porsche-branded. Perhaps it would have a cost extra for the logo and they were looking to keep costs down?

Which, by most accounts, they have. It’s not unheard of to find AOC monitors in South Africa, so it is just possible that we’ll see these on this side of the ocean at some point. When and if they do pitch up, expect them to cost a bit more than their American counterparts — the 24in monitor goes for $199 (R2,700) and the 27in version for $249 (R3,400), before all those lovely taxes and markups get involved. They should still be within range of competing items, plus you get to brag that your CS:GO screen was designed by Porsche.

Source: The Verge


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