This is (almost completely definitely certainly) what the iPhone 8 will look like


You can stop wondering, this is what the iPhone 8 is going to look like. You have to understand that the only reason that we’re using the qualifiers in the headline above is because Apple still has the capacity to be surprising, though we’d be surprised if they dropped a surprise design change on us at this point.

Over the weekend an Apple case maker, YesGo, dropped a blank version of the iPhone on YouTube channel EverythingApplePro — almost certainly ensuring that the company’ll never get an early version of the phone design ever again in the process. And in addition to closely resembling previous leaks it looks… one heck of a lot like the Galaxy S8, if we’re being totally honest.

That’s because Apple has all but taken away the iPhone’s bezels, resulting in a similar slab of screen at the phone’s front. There are some minor differences to be seen but at a glance… It’s only once the phone is flipped over that you really note the Apple design influence, with an embedded Apple logo and the usual camera bump. You can get a far closer look in the video below but the upshot is that the new iPhone 8 will cram a screen larger than that seen in the iPhone 7 Plus into a far smaller handset.

We would be suspicious of even as clear a look at the design as this if not for the fact that this same dummy had been doing the rounds (through other, less obvious channels) even earlier, giving us multiple looks at the same design. A close-up look at the iPhone 8’s clean, screen-emphasising design has also come courtesy of leakers @OnLeaks.

At this point Apple doesn’t have many surprises for us, on a visual level. There are rumours that Apple won’t be integrating a TouchID sensor into the iPhone 8’s display, opting instead for a depth-sensing face-scanning camera — a rumour that could well be true, based on what we’ve seen. If Apple has had trouble embedding a TouchID sensor under the glass, a camera solution would help preserve that lovely expansive design.

Apple’s new iPhone will be official in September (and only in September), even though we’ve had what is likely the only look at the phone we’re going to need. Unless, that is, Apple has one more thing” for us this year…

Source: EverythingApplePro, OnLeaks


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