Light Start — Expensive R2-D2, Switch arcade, LED eyelashes, and Pickle Rick


Someone, somewhere, has found the droid they were looking for

We don’t care how big of a Star Wars fan you are, you’re likely not as fanatical as the person who bid for (and bought) R2-D2 at auction recently. The little droid, build using pieces from the original trilogy (there never was a single ‘originating’ R2, it seems) and a couple of the prequels, fetched $2.76 million. In local money, that’s just over R36 million, or enough money to purchase a couple of very expensive houses. And a car. Luke’s original Light Saber was sold in the same auction, which was held by a company called Profiles in History. Mark Hamill’s prop from the first two films pulled in just $450,000, or about R6 million — which looks almost affordable at this point. And no, we’ve got no idea who paid this amount of money for these slices of Star Wars history.

Source: io9

The only way to play Street Fighter II on the Nintendo Switch

There is now only one way to play Street Fighter on the Switch and if you’re doing it any other way, you’re doing it wrong. Because you haven’t played the game until you’ve played it on a mini arcade cabinet that holds your little Nintendo handheld/console. The creation of one Shea Silverman, this was made by tearing apart a specific SNES gamepad and constructing the cabinet from a series of bits. Cool bits, but still bits. And if you simply must have one, you can find the actual plans, using real terminology, at the link below.

Source: Thingiverse

And the fashionable look for all the Replicants this year is…Look, it’s 2017. We’ve kinda been expecting things like this for a while but to actually see them still feels weird — because humans are more conservative than they like to admit. Still, someone must be keen on this fashion statement: LED-powered eyelashes (know as f.lashes) which look ripped from a 1988 vision of 2004. The project, currently funded on Kickstarter (not being funded, oh no. It’s blown past its $40,000 and is about to wave goodbye to $100,000), wants to give the ultra-fashionable some programmable eyelashes of their very own. Whether they come with the ability to retain your night vision is something that we’ll have to see for ourselves. If you’re keen on a set, it’ll set you back $40 (R530), plus shipping to SA.

Source: Kickstarter

Rick and Morty Season 3 has a broadcast date at long last

We saw this, like so many did, last week and were going to mention it then. But then we thought: What about those people too busy or caught up in other things? Don’t they deserve to have some good news on a Monday morning? That’s certainly when we’d like to see some good news. Anywho, that’s what we’ve got here: Good news. Because Rick and Morty are going to be back from 30 July. No more teases, no more waiting. Just delicious sciencey madness. And Pickle Rick.

Source: Adult Swim


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