Facebook’s Find WiFi feature will help you locate free WiFi, available now


Facebook wouldn’t be Facebook without more than 2 billion monthly users logging in and checking photos, posting statuses, and offering up easily harvested data a running commentary of what they’re up to for advertisers friends and family to keep tabs on. So it kinda makes sense that the company would roll out a mobile app feature that will tell users where to find the nearest free internet connection.

Formerly available only to a select set of countries, the Find WiFi feature is now available globally — because there’s nothing like choosing your movements based on which places have open WiFi. Of course, the social network says that it’s “…helpful for people who are traveling or on-the-go, but especially useful in areas where cellular data is scarce” Which makes a kind of sense, we guess.

Find WiFi is now available on Facebook’s Android and iPhone apps, though it’s not certain that all of your nearby locations will have WiFi information live just yet. Places will have to share that information with Facebook in order for it to show up in the app. We expect that to happen in pretty short order.

To find out who the early adopters are (and where you’re going next to photograph the group), you can open the social media app and hit the More tab, which should now have a Find WiFi option. This may need to be enabled before a map of the nearest WiFi hotspots (and the companies they belong to) will pop up.

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