Expect to see Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 reveal as soon as August


Samsung’s had one heck of a time in the past year, with the mostly successful Galaxy S8 signifying the company’s way past the flaming heap of scrap that was 2016. But it is the to-be-launched Galaxy Note 8 that will prove to be the final hurdle for the company and it seems to be one that it would like to clear as soon as possible — which could well be why we’re getting reports that Samsung is going to be revealing the Note 8 to the world sooner than expected.

A report from Reuters, citing an unnamed source “…familiar with the matter”, claims that Samsung’s got its sights set on an August reveal for their new stylus-toting smartphone. The date was narrowed down to the second half of August, which is ahead of the Note’s (reportedly) planned September reveal at the IFA conference in Germany (but still later than the Note 7’s early August reveal).

Another report, out of South Korea, narrows the date down even further. Samsung is apparently looking at a New York event, as they are fond of doing, and they’re also looking at 26 August for a reveal date. The reasoning is that they’ll get ahead of Apple’s newest iPhone announcement, which is going to take place in September. As if there was ever any doubt.

Some of the handset’s specifications were detailed by the Reuters source, including the screen dimensions (sorta) and the camera arrangement (apparently). The Galaxy Note 8 will reportedly ship with a larger display than the 6.2in screen seen in the S8 Plus and will arrive with a dual rear camera arrangement — something that we’ve been suspecting for some time.

As is typical, there are been no confirmation of these reports. Until there is, stick about. We’re sure that Samsung will spring a few more leaks before the Galaxy Note 8 becomes official.

Source: Reuters


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