Going to Cybertron means going just as far as Centurion Mall


The Transformers are just for kids and Michael Bay, right? Right? Of course not, the Transformers film franchise isn’t making massive amounts of money because youngsters are clamouring to see them. It’s because parents can pretend that the kids are super-keen and then sit through three hours of explosions, guilt-free.

Seriously, though, there’s an almost Star Wars-like fanaticism around the Transformers, which is where a little event called the Transformers Animatronics Exhibition comes in. This is a touring exhibit that is about to hit South Africa which will be hosted by Centurion Mall, from June to October this year. What does it involve, you cry? Well…

It’s being billed as a total Transformers experience, where one can drop their kids off (heh) or visit the exhibition themselves in between shopping or, once Transformers: The Last Knight opens on 21 June, taking in the latest Michael Bay explode-a-thon. And why would you want to visit? Besides the moving Transformers, history of the series, and statures of well-known characters made from actual cars, we can’t think of a single reason. Nope, none at all.

As it happens, we’ve got one set of double tickets to give away to the Transformers Animatronics Exhibition taking place at Centurion Mall from 10 June this year. We’re obviously not going to keep them for ourselves (this time) but we are going to be making you do a little homework before we just dish these double tickets out to one lucky winner.

Transformers Animatronics is a unique 3000sqm travelling exhibition, visiting South Africa for the first time. People of all ages can experience this world-famous exhibition, and even get to see their favourite transformers up close, at their actual sizes.

The exhibition will be at Centurion Mall from the 10th of June until the 15th of October, so book your tickets today! It even coincides perfectly with the release of the new Transformers film.

Book online via WebTickets and secure your spot at the most exciting Transformers experience you’ll ever have, including sculptures, moving Transformers, and all sorts of merchandise that is sure to get all the biggest Transformers fans excited to visit us at Centurion Mall.

Right, do you have all that? Good, because now you’re going to have to answer a couple of questions. Some of them are simple, others… require basic comprehension skills. We’ve also got a few legal thingies to get out of the way before you can start, as well as one more thing: The winner will have to be able to make their own way to Centurion Mall for the Transformers Animatronics Exhibition. This is important — the prize doesn’t cover transportation to the event.

Click through to the Terms and Conditions for the bits where we lay out all our strange requirements and then you’re set to pop on down to the entry form and get your entry in. Or, you know, don’t, but entering means that you agree to be bound by the Ts & Cs. The winner will be announced on 16 June 2017.


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