These are the games you can play for free on PlayStation Plus this month


You might not love the idea of paying for a PlayStation Plus subscription, but that R750 a year includes a massive bounty of free games.

Each and every month, Sony trots out a new selection of games you can download for free all month and then keep and play forever, so long as you maintain your Plus subscription. You’ll always find at least a couple of PlayStation 4 picks, along with games for PS3 and Vita as well.

Looking for a heads-up on which games you can grab right now and soon ahead? We’ve got you covered: these are the South Africa’s PlayStation Plus freebies for June 2017, which will be available to download starting 6 June. And if you didn’t grab May’s free downloads, then scroll further down for a quick look at those titles.

Life is Strange (PS4)

Life would be awfully odd if you could rewind time to change your actions and those of the people around you, right? Well, that’s probably especially true when the power is in the hands of a teenage girl, as see in the episodic Life is Strange, a powerful and emotional adventure in which best intentions can go massively awry. The first episode is already free, but you can grab the whole first season as well beginning 6 June.

Killing Floor 2 (PS4)

Less concerned with emotional reactions and more focused on… well, killing, Tripwire’s Killing Floor 2 is a first-person blaster that finds you mowing down waves upon waves of zombies. There isn’t much plot to speak of, but if you just need an excuse to pump out thousands of rounds, then Killing Floor 2 ought to suffice – especially for free.

Neon Chrome (PS4/Vita)

Not enough shooting for you? Well, maybe Neon Chrome can fill the balance. This top-down, cyberpunk-themed shooter finds you shooting your way through floor after floor of a robot-infested skyscraper, and the pumping tunes and cool hero enhancements make it a compelling jaunt. This one’s free on both PS4 and Vita in June.

Abyss Odyssey (PS3)

ACE Team makes some distinctively weird games (see Zeno Clash and Rock of Ages), and Abyss Odyssey looks like it’s right in the same ballpark. This side-scrolling action roguelike has deeper fighting mechanics than most platformers and sets your heroes off into stunning, surreal fantasy worlds. Reviews were mixed, but at the very least this PS3 pick will surely feel very unique.

WRC 5: FIA World Rally Championship (PS3)

Rally up! WRC 5: FIA World Rally Championship is a couple years old at this point, so the names and locales may not be fully up to date, but this authentic rally racer should still be well worth a look for anyone still rocking a PS3 at this point. You’ll find 13 tracks here across a wide variety of terrain, with online showdowns available to show off your speeding supremacy.

Spy Chameleon (Vita)

Neon Chrome is all about combat, while Spy Chameleon is instead focused on stealth. This cartoonish game puts you in charge of the secret agent reptile, who can use his natural colour-changing and camouflage abilities to blend into the environments and evade capture. Not the most thrilling Vita offering, but again, it’s something to play on the thing.

Tales from the Borderlands (PS4)

Tales from the Borderlands is an episodic narrative adventure set in the universe of Gearbox’s vast, colourful shooter – and even without the head shots and millions of weapon combinations, it’s still a lot of fun. In fact it’s arguably the funniest of all of Telltale’s adventure games, and you’ll get the entire five-episode series with this download.

Alienation (PS4)

Hailing from the makers of Dead Nation and Resogun, Alienation is a frenetic blast-a-thon that drops you into alien-infested places around Earth. You can team up with up to three other local or online players to deliver some wild top-down carnage in unison. (Note: if you’re in the US you’ll get Abzu free instead of Alienation.)

Blood Knights (PS3)

Fancy some gory hack-and-slash action? Blood Knights, as the title suggests, could fit the bill. You’ll play as a famed vampire hunter who has, rather unfortunately, been turned into a vampire yourself. Still, on the plus side you do unlock your own newfound abilities in the process. Might offer some mindless, fantasy fun.

Port Royale 3 (PS3)

If you like pirates and love in-depth simulation games, then you should get a kick out of Port Royale 3. This sim finds you commanding your vessel in the 17th-century Caribbean, and lets you chart your own path, whether it’s as an honest merchant, or… well, a pirate. You choose.

Type:Rider (PS4, Vita)

Type:Rider is one of last month’s PlayStation Vita picks, but it’ll also play on PS4 – and in either case, it’s definitely worth a look. This inventive indie builds side-scrolling platform and puzzle challenges from fonts and the history of typography. It’s cooler than it sounds, promise!

Laser Disco Defenders (Vita)

A twin-stick shooter about a team of disco dancers blasting enemy minions to bits? Uh… right. While the premise is a bit ridiculous, Laser Disco Defenders actually saw some solid reviews when it released last year. Besides, what else are you using the Vita for these days?


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