Ubisoft teases Far Cry 5 ahead of 26 May reveal


We’ve been on the lookout for Far Cry 5 and Ubisoft is set to oblige us later this week, by having the worldwide reveal of the latest in its explore-and-kill-everything series taking place this Friday. And just to make sure that it has got your attention, Ubi has released a series of short shorts which give us some sort of idea what’s going to be revealed.

And things are looking… a bit disjointedly American, in the ‘we’ve taken a wrong turn and wound up in a bad place’ sense. In this case, the place is based in Montana, a location where there is plenty of space to explore and a whole lot of animals to hunt. And be hunted by. But that’s not all…

In the first teaser video (below) you’ll see what looks almost like a typical promotional scene from a tourism board, right up until the dead body washes through in the foreground. We’re going to assume this is typical of Far Cry 5‘s setting.

There are another three teaser videos (find them here, here, and here) of similar length, showing jarring scenes of weirdness set in Hope County, Montana. People having ‘hunting accidents’, someone’s face rings a bell, and a cry in the forest all hint towards… something. We’re having uncharitable thoughts about backwoods country folk right about now.

Ubisoft will be going their worldwide Far Cry 5 reveal this Friday, 26 May. Based on these teasers, we’re definitely going to be tuning in.


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