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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 wasn’t a great outing and while the company is well on its way to making up for it, it’s the Galaxy Note 8 that will finally close the book on 2016. We’re expecting that they’re going to want to keep at least a few secrets before the reveal of their Apple-competition handset later this year but… we’ve never really liked the idea of secrets.

Nor have a bunch of other folks, though, if this collection of reports of the Note 8 are indication. We’ve got the screen size, a few camera tidbits, and an approximate design for the phone so far, with more detailed leaks no doubt just around the corner. In the meantime, this’ll do nicely.

It won’t be much larger than the Galaxy S8+ (but it also will)

Samsung’s Note series has long been the oversized galoot of the Samsung family so it should’t be surprising that the Galaxy Note 8 is reported to be featuring the biggest screen the company has released of late. The expected screen size is 6.3in, which sounds mighty impressive until you realise that the Galaxy S8+ shipped with a 6.2in display… yeah, about that… It’s a slight increment, which might make it worthy of the Note title but at that point, shouldn’t they just be releasing the S-whatever + as the Note for the year?

There are probably dual cameras on the way

There is talk from multiple sources, including the Korea Herald, that Samsung is going to be jumping into the dual camera pool with the likes of Apple, Huawei, LG, and the rest with the release of the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung isn’t saying anything official yet but they’re expected to feature a 12MP wide-angle and a 13MP telephoto lens in the Note 8, along with 3x optical zoom.

If correct, this would let Samsung directly compete with the best of the current mobile dual camera systems. If the company is able to retain current camera quality in an all-new setup, we could be looking at a brand-new king of the camera hill.

Someone’s gone and printed a mockup already

There are a few dummy versions of the Galaxy Note 8 floating about in the real world. None of them have leaked from Samsung itself, unfortunately, as the mockups have been produced based on sketches of the handset. First seen on Chinese social media outlet Weibo, the 3D-printed models are consistent in design with previous Note models while still offering space for new features like Samsung’s Infinity Display and that rumoured new camera setup. We’d still take this one with a pinch of salt though, at least until there’s some more corroboration in the form of more official imagery.

Oh, yeah, all the expected bits should be there

Samsung is going to be including a larger battery, according to reports. This is all the better to accommodate the new tech, which will include a bigger processor (what sort, we don’t yet know), probably more RAM, and those lovely camera upgrades that everyone seems convinced are coming. Also present will be an S Pen, which is one of the larger motivators for fans of the Note. We wonder what they’ve cooked up for that little peripheral this time.

Source: SamMobile, Phone Arena, Korea Herald



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