Only the deepest of pockets will be able to afford this Pokémon wristwatch


If you thought that R275,000 for a Super Mario watch was too much money to spend on Nintendo-themed gear, then you might as well stop reading now. This Pokémon wristwatch, made by the same company responsible for the Mario armwear, is expensive enough that it should come with its own Pikachu.

The creation of RJ-Romain Jerome, which are known for creating some bonkers custom watches including a few that counted actual pieces of the Titanic among their bits, this Pokémon device is the second that the company has produced. The first, which only features Pikachu on its face, was a relatively civilised $20,000 (R266,000 — it’s all relative) to purchase. But the arm adornment you see above will set you back the price of a house in a affluent neighbourhood.

That’s because this hand-filled enamel-faced wrist-watch will cost buyers a cool $258,000. There are no incorrect zeroes there, it really will cost about R3.5million for the privilege of owning this little item. What you money buys you is that handcrafted face, the lightning-bolt tourbillon bridge,a Pikachu oscillating weight, and everything about the watch has been laser-engraved. We’re still not sure how they justify the cost, even with all those bits, but we suspect that most of your money is being spent on the internals and engineering.

So there you have it. You could spend the price of a house (and car) in South Africa on a watch, if that blows your hair back, or you could just spend R300k on a much cheaper watch from the same company and then invest the leftover R3.2million. Your call.

Source: Hype Beast via Kotaku


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