Is this what the Apple iPhone 8 is going to look like?


It’s nowhere near September yet (but it’s plodding along — we’re nearly halfway there) so we don’t have live images yet but several supposed renders of the iPhone 8 have pitched up online. The renders potentially give us our best look at the design choices that Apple will make for this year’s iPhone.

Initial renders were made by website Engadget, being based on CAD images of the iPhone 8 (if that is the name Apple’s going for this year — we like it more than iPhone 7S) chassis supplied by a source working in the accessory industry. The front and back view you see above were supplied by that same source and they show an iPhone that looks like a merging of the older and more recent designs.

Of particular note is the camera, which features space for dual lenses and incorporates the flash and microphone for the handset as well. The CAD files suggest that the new iPhone will be all glass, all over, and also that Apple’s going to be dropping the 4.7in form factor.

As usual two sizes are expected to launch: a 5in standard (replacing the old 4.7in) and a 5.5in Plus model. The render above is of the 5in iPhone, which also suggests that Apple is making its dual-camera setup an iPhone standard for 2017. Apple’s actually going thicker for their handsets this year, if the files seen by Engadget are accurate.

There are still rumours that Apple will be removing the bezels from this year’s handset (something not seen here), and also talk of a third, tenth-anniversary iPhone in the offing for this year. Even if this leak is wholly accurate, Apple still has the capacity to surprise us in 2017.

Source: Engadget


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