The future is a pretty, dirty place in the Blade Runner 2049 trailer


Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to the dark and broody Harrison Ford vehicle from 1982 that was based on a Philip K. Dick tale (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, for those interested), edges closer and closer to release and the newest trailer has stamped it so hard on our radar that it has left cracks.

Why? Well you could watch the video below and answer that for yourselves but the lengthy promo’s initial shots should be all you need to get your ticket-buying fingers twitching. Whether your chosen settings are dingy cyberpunk locales replete with neon and holograms, sterile corporation structures populated by nefarious businessmen and a people-dispenser, or deserted and dusty trap-filled hideaways, Blade Runner 2049 has you covered. Gorgeously.

But what is it all about, we hear you cry? Er… not really sure, yet. But it looks like Replicants are involved, there’s some seriously shady business afoot, and Harrison Ford is back — and it’s been so long since the original film that they haven’t had to artificially age him at all. That’s some serious movie-making right there, conducting sequels in real-time. And it’s all as pretty as it is mysterious.

You should be down for a trip back to the the future (yeah, we said it) based on the visuals alone. If the visuals don’t grab you, then the presence of Ryan Gosling might. Whatever floats your sailing equipment, expect to see Blade Runner 2049 hit theatres in October this year.

Source: Warner Bros. (YouTube)


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