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Telkom surprises everyone by forming standalone eSports company VS Gaming

Remember how your folks said that you wouldn’t ever get rich playing video games? Well they’re still right but that’s like saying you won’t get rich driving cars. Tell that to the F1 drivers. And your odds of being a well-paid gaming pro have just gotten better thanks to… Telkom? Really? Awesome. Telkom has formed a standalone company dedicated to eSports in South Africa, an outfit that has taken previous initiative the DGL (Digital Gaming League) and rebranding it as VS Gaming. There’s a rationale behind the name but let’s just stick with VS Gaming for now. Headed by very personable CEO Cambridge Mokanyane, VS Gaming aims to “…grow the esports market while working together with other organisations to make it inspirational, profitable and professional.” The company is taking over the DGL’s duties and expanding on them. One of the most exciting points of the announcement? South African eSports events are going to be getting some Multichoice exposure on SuperSport channels. Also, stay tuned for news of an open FIFA tournament taking place in July this year. If you think you have the skill, you could walk away with quite a bit of cash. Just sayin’…

Source: VS Gaming

Gearing up for big wave season, the Silver Cord wants to keep your board attached to your leg

It’s one thing to be caught inside and dumped by the first wave in a massive set, it’s another to have your leash snap as that happens, because you know you’re in for a swim (at best) once you’re allowed to breathe again. You should have invested in the Silver Cord, a new in-development surfboard leash (and now all the inland folks suddenly understand the first line) which features an interior secondary cord that’ll keep your board attached in the event of a snap. It’s also modular, meaning that you can customise the cord, cuff, and rail saver. Users will be able to switch out damaged components in a hurry so they can get back into the water as soon as possible. And, if the leash or stick becomes a liability in the water (it happens) the Silver Cord features a quick-release system so you can ditch your board on purpose. Stick around for updates — some science is happening right now but it should hit the market soon.

Source: Silver Cord

Hope you’ve done your Netflix homework because The Defenders are coming

Who would have thought that TV shows would one day almost require that you’ve seen previous episodes. Sitcoms survived as long as they did because there wasn’t much call for continuity but things have been changing. And Netflix has been no small player, with the best example being their Marvel shows. Which is a roundabout way of saying that new series The Defenders is coming in August this year so you had better have caught up on Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron First before it happens. You don’t absolutely have to, but watch the trailer above, then watch all of Daredevil and then rewatch it. See that? Multiply that by four. Go do your homework, okay? Before Stick comes around to your house for a lesson or two.

Source: Netflix

Next time you play chess, it better be with this Sphere Chess Board

We’re not total heathens here at Stuff Magazine. All of us can play chess (some are better than others, others play just to irritate) but we’ve never thought about trying to play chess on a circular board. Not only would it prove to be quite the mental challenge, it also looks pretty damned cool. Don’t believe that chess can be cool? Hit up the video, either above or at the link below, and then tell us that to our faces, nerd. The board is made of several types of wood and the globe surface conceals magnets so that the pieces can be moved around on the globe’s surface in any position. Too bad this is just a once-off effort by creators Ben and Dave Meyers, a father-son team who made this because… it’s awesome and we’d like to purchase one? You can’t buy one, sadly, but you could make one if you have the time. They’ve posted their method online so it’s time to fire up the power tools, we guess.

Source: Ben Meyers (YouTube)


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