Call of Duty’s surprise Zombies Chronicles DLC will launch on 16 May


It’s been a while since the Call of Duty series has been able to surprise us. That’s the trouble when your games release like clockwork: people know what’s coming next. But we weren’t really expecting new downloadable content for Black Ops III to happen and yet… that’s what we’ve got in Zombies Chronicles.

Developer Treyarch’s co-head Jason Blundell announced the DLC during a YouTube interview, giving out a launch date for the zombie-popping content. Zombies Chronicles, which will be made up of past CoD Zombies outings (suitably remastered and upgraded), will be launching on 16 May. For the PlayStation 4, that is, which will be getting the content first.

Eight maps from Call of Duty‘s past will be featured in the DLC, comprising:

Nacht der Untoten
Shi No Numa
Kino Der Toten

That’s a whole lot of zombie history but we’re still left asking why Activision and Treyarch have done this now.

If we were being uncharitable we’d guess that this surprise reveal may have a little something to do with a lukewarm response to last year’s Infinite Warfare (which really was something new on the single-player and Zombies side). The fact that this DLC is dropping for 2015’s Call of Duty: Black Ops III seems to bear this out but the release title could also be explained by the fact that Activision really, really likes money and Treyarch had nothing to do with the release of Infinite Warfare. Either way, who cares? More Zombies!

We’ve got the launch date but pricing and extended availability are still murky. There’s going to be an 8 May even that’ll clear all of that up, though. Stay tuned.

Source: Polygon


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