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May Day! May Day! It’s not a state of emergency, its what most of the world starts off the month of May with — around here we call that Worker’s Day. Followed by Star Wars Day (May the Fourth). But before we get to that particular outing, we’ve got this — the May 2017 issue of Stuff Magazine, which is in stores right now. So… you know, go and get your copy. Or you can snag a digital version here.

What can you find within the glossy pages of your favourite tech magazine this month? Only the best tech, of course, and in terms of smartphones that’s looking more and more like Samsung’s Galaxy S8. You don’t have to take our word for it but you should — we’ve spent some time with Samsung’s new flagship and it’s both Beauty and a Beast. If the South Korean company doesn’t do it for you, we’ve also spend a little time with the other candidates for the Best Phone of 2017 — besides Apple’s contender for this year, because they don’t come out to play until all their homework is done. Boo.

We’ve got the Nintendo Switch back for another round, this time for a full-on First Test. Rather than just checking out the console we’ve also tested and rated most of the game offerings, the peripherals, and we’ve taken a look and the best of upcoming titles for the Switch. We’ve also emerged from the Kingdom of Hyrule with a full review of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — and you’ll find all of the reason you need to part with about R6,000 in the May 2017 issue of Stuff Magazine.

Samsung, Nintendo… That makes us hungry. So it’s perhaps fitting that we’ve also got a slew of our favourite kitchen gadgets in the current issue of the mag. We’ve covered everything from the trusty everything-liquefier the Nutribullet to coffee makers to very expensive Smeg appliances. You need one (or all) of these in your kitchen — as well as a Dyson V6 Total Clean for those little mishaps that always take place when you’re really not expecting them. Really, guys? More eggs?

How do we beat that, then? Besides using a whisk, we mean? The BeatsX wireless headphones, featuring Apple’s W1 wireless chip, might allow for some hectic er… rhythms. We’ve spent more than a little time with them and we’ve got the low-down on another set of wireless in-ears for your iPhone. Who needs cables, really? Oh, basically everyone else? All right then.

And yes, there’s more. Much, much more. We’ve played with the Tesla Model X, a set of South Africa-specific vehicles from Mini and Nissan (and it hurt to give that one back, we can tell you), and a lot more besides. We’ve also got a massive giveaway from Fujifulm, competition winners for the Brother InkJets and NinePro miniPro (just for you, Elijah. Also, sorry.), a report back from the Geneva Motor Show, and even more. So don’t hesitate — go and get your May 2017 edition of Stuff Magazine today. 


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