The Galaxy Note 7 returns to South Korea this June


It hasn’t been much of a secret that Samsung is bringing the Galaxy Note 7 back — the company has pledged to recycle the phones that it can’t convert into something that they can offer for sale, after all. Now we have a timeline of sorts for people hoping to grab a non-combustible Note 7 and that time is June. As long as you live in South Korea.

That’s the word according to Korean website ET News, which claims that Samsung will be offering some 300,000 Note 7 phones for sale in the country come June this year. The handsets will go on sale via three of the country’s mobile carriers, according to the report.

Of course, the phone won’t be called the Galaxy Note 7. There’s too much baggage attached to the name, which is why Samsung is expected to change the title to the Galaxy Note 7 R. Which stands for ‘Refurbished’, we guess? Or Ripper, if you believe Google Translate’s reading of the ET News link below. We’re not sure which we’d like it to be more.

The battery for the Note 7 R — if the handset keeps that name — will be different from the original trouble-causer: a 3,200mAh instead of the flawed 3,500mAh unit that caused all the trouble last year. As for pricing, that’s not locked down yet but it’s thought that Samsung will be offering the phone for about 700,000 won, or about R8,200. That’s… a price we’d be willing to pay.

Source: ET News via SamMobile


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