Everything, including new Sonic Forces footage, is trying to return us to the 90s


The mid-90s in South Africa were a heady time, especially if you were a kid. The country had just gotten proper democracy, and that was awesome all round, but it’d also gotten video games, internet access, and some of the best cartoons ever seen on TV. And now it seems that the world is trying to return to those halcyon days. The most recent culprit is Sonic Forces, the new Sonic title from SEGA, who just won’t stop trying to give their mascot a great game.

In a year when we’ve seen the return of the Power Rangers, Samurai Jack, Jumanji, a whole mess of other properties, the pending arrival of more Ducktales and even the return of Invader Zim, it probably shouldn’t be surprising that we’re seeing a very modern take on the classic SEGA Genesis-era Green Hill Zone here. Seriously, if you don’t feel your fingers twitching at the jump points or find yourself looking for the halo of stars at the checkpoints, you didn’t play enough Sonic as a kid.

But this is only part of Sonic Forces, a game which is scheduled for launch by the end of this year. The sweet, sweet 2D side-scrolling has given us a bit of hope that this is the modern Sonic game that we’ve been waiting for but that may be the nostalgia overdose affecting our brains.

As it happens, it might be the game we’ve been waiting for (though we always say that). Sonic Forces isn’t just going to be a modern remake of classic stages, as much as we’d like that. There will be some fully-3D environments for players to speed through so quickly that they’ll barely notice any of the loving detail. Even that looks… pretty awesome.

Source: via Polygon


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