It’s time for you to nab your free copy of Saints Row 2 on PC


If there’s one thing we love more than gaming it’s free gaming and digital distribution platform Good Old Games and developer Deep Silver have a good one for us: Saints Row 2.

That’s the same Saints Row 2 that properly kickstarted the often-hilarious game series and properly set it apart from Grand Theft Auto, the game that Saints Row may have ‘borrowed’ some of its elements from. And it’s free (terms and conditions apply).

Players will find themselves exploring the town of Stilwater and causing havoc. We do that in these games anyway but this time its more or less integral to gameplay. Gameplay that will see you using your customisable character, outrageous outfits and all, to rebuild the Saints gang. You know how this goes, and if you don’t you probably should. It’s worth the time investment.

If you’re keen on revisiting Saints Row 2 at no extra cost, you can head on over to Good Old Games and nab your free copy. Usually the game costs $9.99 (R132), so it’s a nice little gift. You will need a GoG account and you’ll need to hurry, as the offer isn’t available indefinitely. You can also pick up the rest of the series for a massive discount.

Or, if you’re more of a Steam gamer, Saints Row 2 is also free there thanks to an ongoing Deep Silver special — for a limited time. The same caveats apply, you’re going to need an account and you’ll have to get a move on. If you leave it for the weekend, you’re going to miss out.


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