Sony PlayStation 4 Pro — Games Console of the Year 2016


The PlayStation 4 is already crushing it this console generation, offering the best exclusive games, performance, and price out of the gate. So what did Sony do? Make the machine a whole lot better. The PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t replace the three-year-old (and some change) core console, which still has a lot of life left in it, but it does bring big enhancements for power players.

Bumping games up into 4K, both natively and through clever upscaling, brings out a ton more detail and makes showcase titles look even more spectacular. And thanks to the added power of the console, PlayStation VR experiences will be even smoother and more immersive, helping Sony’s cheap(ish) headset compete with the PC powerhouses.

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will probably put up a strong fight this year (when it launches), but for now the PS4 Pro is the home console of choice for cutting-edge gaming at a reasonable price.

From R5,000 |

Since its award, the PlayStation Pro 4 has gotten a few new features, notably Boost Mode

HTC Vive

For the ultimate VR experience you have to try the Vive: the immersive fun is incredible. You’ll pay plenty for it, though.

Nintendo Classic Mini (sadly, now discontinued)

Nintendo has loaded 30 games onto a tiny, HDMI-equipped box for a special treat of take-anywhere fun.

Microsoft Xbox One S

The revised Xbox One has massive improvements: 4K streaming and Blu-ray movies, plus HDR and 4K upscaling.

Sony PlayStation VR

Sony’s VR strategy doesn’t need a high-end PC, only a PS4: this headset is cheap and has the most exciting games selection.


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