Netflix — Streaming Service of the Year 2016


Rebroadcasts aside, is there anything that you need a normal TV channel for any more? Sure, there’s news, but you get all that online. Sport? Who’s got time to watch a bunch of millionaires kick a ball around a field when there’s a new series of Narcos?

If there’s a show worth wasting eye time on, chances are it’s a Netflix exclusive, whether it’s the supernatural nostalgia of Stranger Things, the horrifying whodunnit of Making a Murderer, or the brutal justice of Daredevil. With its original shows available in 4K and HDR, Netflix is even leading the way when it comes to TV tech.

So while ShowMax can easily compete with Netflix on content, its lack of original material is an obstacle that needs to be overcome.

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Last year’s winner narrowly missed the top spot this year and is still an essential, especially if you watch to watch your favourite shows on the go.


Hi-res audio and exclusives for some of the biggest musical artists in the world aren’t quite enough to make up for Tidal’s lack of extras.


The first music streaming service to launch in South Africa, Simfy’s updates have made it way more compelling than it was at launch.


Thanks for some savvy local partnerships, Deezer offers a strong catalogue of media that is supported by its rock-solid user interface.


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