LG OLED65E6V – TV of the Year 2016


You could probably get a decent second-hand car for the price of LG’s whopping OLED65E6V set, but what the E6V lacks in wheels it makes up in… TV stuff (plus you can’t hang a 2007 Prius on the wall and watch Mr. Robot on it).

This isn’t even LG’s most expensive model — that honour goes to the G6 Signature — but that doesn’t mean that the E6V has a second-rate spec sheet. It’s no secret that OLED tech gives you the best 4K picture but it’s also the LG’s HDR performance that makes it a winner, plus its WebOS interface is better than ever. Feed the E6V an Ultra HD Blur-ray to watch and there’s even a chance you’ll never see the inside of a cinema ever again.

It looks the part too: an imposing slab of thin glass anchored in place by a thicker soundbar base.

From R70,000 | lg.com/za

Samsung Series 9

Quantum Dot display technology, 4K resolution, and Samsung’s brilliant Smart Hub make the flagship Series 9s the SUHD TVs to own.

Hisense M7000

For those who want 4K but don’t want to have to sell their cal (or organs) to get it, the M7000 range delivers, and then some.

LG’s Super UHD TVs

If your budget can’t stretch to OLED, LG’s Super UHD TVs (look for the UHxxxV in the model names) are the next best thing


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