LG shows off G6 features by drowning, dropping, and cooking the handset


We’ve seen some clever ads over the years but LG’s latest TV spot for the LG G6, which clocks in at around two and a half minutes, is one of the most inventive we’ve seen. LG has decided to show off the various features of the handset by using a series of G6 phones as components in a Rube Goldberg machine — one which illustrates each feature rather nicely.

In the course of the phone’s adventures we get to see a G6 dunked underwater, covered in white powder (not that kind), dropped into a rotating drop-tank made from what looks like Perspex, and then lobbed into an oven for a few seconds. They’re not going to cook it for an hour or anything, come on now.

The point of it all is to show off just what LG’s G6 is capable of. The company has joined up with the rest of the competition in offering very high-end specs and premium designs without worrying too much about gimmicks (those mods from last year) or making a one-note handset (LG’s previous focus on their camera).

But mostly you should be watching the video for the machine that LG has built to show off the G6 — there’s no point to it other than to shine a light on the phone’s various highlight and that’s… kinda the whole point.

How the phone stacks up to the rest of 2017’s lineup in practise is a judgement we’ve reserved until we’ve got both the G6 and the Galaxy S8 in a room together, gloved up and ready to slug it out in our tests. Stay tuned for that.

Source: via The Next Web


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