Bayonetta launches (at freaking last) for PC on Steam


Bayonetta has finally launched on the PC (about seven years late, but we’ll take it.) In case you’ve been living under a rock since 2010, Bayonetta is a video game. About a witch. An amnesiac witch who controls four guns (two in her hands and two in her shoes) and commands magic. Magic which is manifested by her hair, and her hair also magically makes up her clothing so particularly powerful magic attacks remove most of those. Seems quite sexist, we know, but it’s not as weird as we’ve made it sound.

What Bayonetta is is a whole lot of awesome, since players will be taking the titular character through a couple of dimensions and a whole lot of strange settings, whomping the hell out of a literal army of Angels in (and this is subjective but we’re still not wrong) the best example of hack-and-slash gameplay available today. Or ever. And that’s including the Devil May Cry series.

The PC launch trailer (above) touts the technical upgrades coming to the PC version, like 4K resolution and 60fps gameplay, but it doesn’t manage to convey the scale of combat, up to and including the bonkers boss battles, or how many times players will run through this game.

That’s because it’s typical to play the game once for the story and then just keep going for the sheer joy of wiping out hordes of enemies as you conquer new enemies, master new weapons, and take on the various difficulty levels until you hit… well, you’ll see what it’s called. You can’t have a game like Bayonetta and not have it practically built on innuendo.

You can find the Bayonetta listing at the link below, where you can pick it up for the princely sum of R220. If you somehow haven’t played this one before, it’s a very small price to pay for the experience.

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