Samsung PT Smartcam – Home Gadget of the Year 2016


It may look like something out of Dr. Who, but Samsung’s PT Smartcam is the best single-solution IP camera we’ve had the pleasure of freaking out our house guests with. The PT bit stands for pan and tilt, meaning one Samsung PT, cunningly placed, can provide visibility of a whole room.

Add 1080p video to the mix and it can be a pretty big room, thanks to all the zoom flexibility that kind of resolution offers. Pop a microSD card in the back, set up motion detection zones, and you’ll not only be notified when someone (or the neighbour’s cat) shows up in your lounge unexpectedly, but will get a high-definition hard copy of it saved to the card and/or your mobile device, too.

Two-way audio lets you listen in or talk back, too, and night vision means you’ll never miss a thing. This is the only camera we’ve tested that truly deserves the ‘smart’ in its name.

From R3,000 |

Dyson V6

“It’s just a vacuum cleaner” is a phrase uttered by those who’ve never used one. Wireless, powerful, space-aged, perfect.

Chipolo V2 Tracker

Attach it to your house keys, dog’s collar, backpack, or anything else you tend to lose, or really can’t afford to.

Elgato Avea Bulb

Until Philips Hue bulbs arrive in SA these are the best colour-changing smart bulbs your hard-earned dosh can buy.

Netatmo Welcome

Face recognition that gets smarter over time and a slick design make this the best IP camera for your entrance hall.


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