AKG N60NC – Headphones of the Year 2016


A few years ago, AKG was a mere blip on our headphone radar. Today, it’s one of the first brands we point people at when they want a combination of quality and affordability. The N60NC cans are a perfect example.

How so? Active noise-cancelling, understated design, incredible comfort, brilliant battery life, and a carry pouch complete with an airline-friendly adaptor, all for half the price you pay for other noise-cancellers. That’s how so.

Sure, they’re still wired, and they’re on-ear rather than over-ear, but they’re incredibly comfortable, surprisingly effective at keeping outside noise at bay, and weigh a mere 150 grams. If you’re a frequent traveller or just want quality cans you can fold flat, chuck in a bag and take everywhere, the N60NC ‘phones deserve a spot on your tech shopping list

R3,300 | Audiomart.co.za

B&W P5 Wireless

Pick a favourite luxury car manufacturer, like Aston, Rolls, or Maserati. These are the headphone equivalent.

SoundMagic E10C

Nothing comes close to matching SoundMagic for the price and these buds play nicely with Android and iPhone alike.

Apple Airpods

They weren’t the first, but Apple’s take on truly wireless in-ears are on track to take the cable-cutting tech into the mainstream.

Bose QuietComfort 35

If you want to block out the world completely and money’s no object then look no further. These are the cans you need.


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