Here are the (beefy) specs for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio


Microsoft has been teasing the existence of Scorpio (or Project Scorpio, if you’ve been watch for a while) for ages, promising that the new gaming hardware will be the best thing since home gaming was invented. Or, at least, the most powerful thing. And, given that Scorpio’s specs have finally dropped, we can  believe that.

Microsoft has gotten out in front of any further spec rumours by outing the specifications for the Scorpio console themselves. The information has arrived by way of Eurogamer‘s Digital Foundry and if those guys are as impressed as they are, you’re going to have a hard time being mad at Microsoft for taking so long with this thing.

As you can see from the specs comparison (via Digital Foundry), Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is on track towards being the most powerful piece of home gaming kit on the market. Every aspect of the console, from processor to GPU and memory speed, to the amount of available RAM, storage, and the type of optical drive has been designed to outclass everything on the market. Including our current home console powerhouse, the PlayStation 4 Pro. Should Sony be worried?

Perhaps not. Specs are great and all and this current setup is probably going to give Microsoft an edge when it comes to 4K and VR gaming but it’s all going to come down to games and pricing at the end of the day. Given the jump in specs over the standard Xbox One, we’re not expecting Scorpio to be cheap. At all.

Scorpio is only going to be released — anywhere — at the end of this year, which means that we’re expecting a delay into 2018 for South Africa. In the meantime, hit up the link below for Digital Foundry’s detailed rundown of hardware you can’t have yet.

Source: Digital Foundry (Eurogamer)


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