Apple iPhone 7 Plus — Smartphone of the Year 2016


Just how did the Apple iPhone 7 Plus secure the coveted top spot for smartphones released in 2016? Because the sum of its parts are mighty enticing, obviously.

An incredible Taptic engine, waterproofing, dual speakers, one of the most colour-accurate screens on the market, a pair of incredibly capable cameras and two new shades of black are enough to keep Apple’s flagship at the top of the pile for those who handset hounds who want a top-end device and don’t care about the cost.

Even though it’s still icon-based — with widgets confined to pull-down and lock screens –iOS 10 feels like the most mature and flexible operating system Apple’s ever offered. Add 3D Touch and third-party app integration from Siri and there’s only two omissions to complain about on the iPhone 7 Plus — the headphone jack, and a 64GB option. Otherwise, it’s flawless.

From R14,000 |

Is the Seven Plus really all that? Actually, we think you’ll find that there’s even more to it than just ‘all that’.


Moto Z

Arriving right at the end of last year, the new Motorola takes its modular design cues from LG’s G5 but does a much better job of it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Bigger and bolder than ever before, if you’ve got the cash to burn, but this Samsung effort is a smartphone worth flaunting.


First of a new kind of smartphone, the scale of the modular G5’s ambition is breathtaking. Technology is meant to inspire and the G5 does.

Vodafone Smart Prime 7

Cheap? Yes. Cheerful? Undoubtedly. The Smart Prime 7 struts along with far greater style than it should given its price.


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