DStv Explora — TV Gadget of the Year 2016


There was a time — a very short-lived one, mind you — where there were a few set-top boxes on the market that vaguely resembled something one could consider competition for DStv’s iconic Explora.

But most of them have either gone the way of CRT TVs, or proven themselves wholly inadequate in comparison. Which is why the Explora takes our top spot again.

Why? Because you can use DStv Catch Up to make sure you don’t miss your favourite shows or movies, and get access to more content than you can shake a remote at if you hook the Explora up to the internet.

Then there’s the ability to create playlists, watch the latest movies on-demand with Box Office, or follow sports action in glorious HD. It even supports ShowMax, in case you didn’t have enough to watch already. Tough to beat? Nope, impossible to beat.

R1,500 | multichoice.co.za

This ain’t the DStv Explora’s first rodeo, cowboy — It’s also been part of the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa awards. 


Google Chromecast

Plug the coloured puck into an HDMI port and power and you’ve got instant wireless video streaming.

Xbox One S

The cheapest 4K Blu Ray player also doubles as a games console that’ll upscale to UHD with HDR.

PlayStation 4 Slim

If you don’t need the PS Pro’s features, the Slim offers all the best of the PS4 in a svelter package.

Apple TV

A new tvOS and accompanying apps, plus a touch-sensitive remote and games make this a must-have for TV fans.


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