Apple Watch Series 2 — Watch of the Year 2016


Let’s be honest, Apple’s first Watch had its share of detractors. But rather than wafting away any complaints of slow apps and so-so fitness smarts, tech’s biggest behemoth went back to the drawing board and made it better. How? By upping its sporty credentials beyond compare.

Thanks to the addition of waterproofing, GPS and a much faster S2 chipset, this all-rounder can see off competition from Fitbit, Samsung, and whoever else comes for its crown. Ultra-marathon runners will probably prefer top-end Garmin or Polar watches but this is a spot-on device for intermediate sweat-hounds.

And if you just want a nice gadget that will make you feel less attached to your smartphone? WatchOS 3’s updated take of flick-of-the-wrist notifications is just the ticket. Haters be damned, we’re genuinely excited to see where Apple takes its Watch next.

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No, really, what did we really think of the Apple Watch Series 2?


Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit’s first crack at a smartwatch/exercise tracker won us over with accurate heart-rate tracking, multi-sport modes, and an easy interface.

Withings Activite Pop

A smart, simple activity tracker that’s waterproof and lasts for eight whole months, this is a winning wearable.

Huawei Watch

Arguably the best-looking Android Wear-powered watch out there, Huawei’s Watch is the only 2016 Android we’d consider.

Garmin Vivomove 

Beyond its innocent face lies fitness wizardry — and a year of battery life. Proof you can have your techy cake and eat it too.


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