Netflix now allows offline viewing for Windows (as long as you’re using the app)


If you’re using an Android or iOS device to watch your Netflix (as well as the accompanying app — nobody watches Netflix through a mobile browser) then you’re already aware that you’re able to download shows for later consumption while away from an internet connection. Now Netflix is making the same thing possible for PC users.

But… you’re going to have to fulfil a special set of requirements. First off, you’re going to need to be using Windows 10. That’s not a problem for anyone using a PC bought in the last year or so, at least, and there’s a specific reason for it. Netflix’s PC downloads (for offline use) can only be conducted through the Windows 10 Netflix app. If you’re merely pointing your internet browser at, you’re not going to be able to download anything.

It is possible that your Windows 10 Netflix app won’t have downloads enabled just yet. According to Windows Central the update is rolling out in stages so it might not have arrived this side of the planet yet. The feature might also be making its way to Windows 10 Mobile (if you happen to somehow be using that) and the Xbox One app, allowing for offline downloads on the Xbox One console. We’ll see about those when they get here.

For the moment it also looks as though downloads to PC are restricted to Netflix’s own shows, which is still a neat collection to browse through if you haven’t already. More options should become available later, as licensing deals allow for it.

Source: Windows Central


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