Meet the BeoSound Shape, B&O’s stylish new modular speaker


If you were eying out Samsung’s The Frame television set then we have got just the speaker system for you. Bang and Olufsen’s new BeoSound Shape is a modular speaker setup that has been designed with decor in mind,

You can see the BeoSound Shape in the image above, cleverly disguised as the sort of modern art decoration that you’ve never understood but which alway looks good when someone else has it on their walls at home. Hidden beneath the little virtual cube/hexagon things are items like the system core, actual speakers, an amplifier, and acoustic dampers.

How you arrange these bits on the wall is up to you, giving this a sort of premium Lego feel, if your Lego set was able to connect to Spotify and had AirPlay and Chromecast capabilities. And Bluetooth 4.1. And B&O’s BeoLink software. So not really like Lego then. But modular.

The BeoSound Shape is available in sets of eight (four speakers, the core, two acoustic dampers, and an amplifier) but is capable of substantial expansion. How substantial? Well, you can have up to 11 amps and 44 speakers, a combination which would do a decent job of making sure your masonry was correctly built.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the BeoSound Shape (and let’s face it, you’re going to want a few of them) then you’re going to wind up paying for it. The initial set, consisting of the first eight of those little hexagons, will run you close to R60,000 based on available international pricing. The BeoSound Shape is expected to launch in August this year.

Source: B&O


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