This is bananas — Psycho streamer plays Dark Souls 3 using bananas


We’ve been thinking a lot about bananas of late but here’s something that puts them in a less ‘republic’ light — a Twitch streamer, TheSuperScrubs, has been playing through Dark Souls 3. Nothing too special about that, a lot of folks do it. Not many of them do it using bananas instead of a more traditional interface.

We wouldn’t believe it if we couldn’t see the controller — if you can call ‘a set of ten bananas wired up to a circuit board’ a controller — being set up and then used. The bendy fruit (or are bananas technically pods? Or seeds?) have been converted to inputs that replace Dark Souls 3‘s mouse and keyboard commands, including movement, evasion, attacks and a few other bits. The game is played by touching the correct fruit or combination of them in order to execute actions.

This conversion was made possible by fruit, some wire, and a little gadget called Makey Makey. Makey Makey allows users to turn pretty much anything that can conduct an electrical current into a game controller, using the main brains and some alligator clips. The little project will run prospective buyers about R700 if they want to try and play games with, say, biltong or something. Biltong conducts electricity, right?

If you want to check out the full stream (and have about three hours on your hands) you can head over to The SuperScrubs’ Twitch page or watch the replay below. It’s worth it for the novelty (and the fruit) as well as the look at the initial setup of the custom controllers. Now do Donkey Kong.

Source: Twitch via The Next Web


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