Want to watch tonight’s Galaxy Unpacked event? Here’s how, wherever you are


The day has arrived. Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2017 event, which saw the company take a hit, coverage wise, during Mobile World Congress in order to dominate the headlines with the Galaxy S8 this March, is mere hours away. We’re going to be there, both at a South African even as well as live in New York (hey, those microseconds between tweets count), and you can be too. In a manner of speaking.

Samsung’s going to be streaming Galaxy Unpacked to the world this year, so you can either wait for folks like Stuff to harvest all of the pertinent info for you and serve it up with a dollop of humour and sarcasm (same thing, sometimes) or you can catch the whole event as it unfolds. And, unlike the typical Apple stream, you won’t have to jump through many hoops to do so. Here’s how.

On your laptop or desktop (or smart TV, or…)

Don’t feel like moving around a whole lot? Then you’ll be able to catch all of the action direct from Samsung’s website via your web browser. You might not be in the front row in New York but you’d never know it, especially if you arrange some snacks within easy reach. In fact, you’ll probably be better off not surrounding by frantically snapping, typing and tweeting tech journos.

The important bits will kick off from 17:00, South African time, and while we’re expecting the presentation to run a little over an hour or so there is no real telling what surprises Samsung has in store. Perhaps they’ll go over-time with a couple of surprises beyond the Galaxy S8. Or perhaps, based on the probability of announcements, they won’t. Either way, book at least an hour and 30 minutes to watch.

On the move

Perhaps you’re going to be out and about. That’s okay, you can still watch the stream on your mobile device. You could try and access Samsung’s website from your browser like a Neanderthal or… you could download one of the apps that Samsung has set up for the occasion.

Android users packing Android 4.3 or better can snag the app from Google Play here, while any Android-curious Apple users can get an iOS equivalent here. Yes, we know it’s a US URL but it’ll resolve to something local accounts can download. Unless something goes horribly wrong.

There you have it. Samsung’s event kicks off in a few hours, so we’ll see you all there. Figuratively speaking, in most cases.


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