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This month, that of April 2017, is going to be a good one as long as you are extremely wary of any and all news reports being released on Saturday, 1 April 2017. And it’s also a good month because the April 2017 issue of Stuff Magazine is on shelf. Early, as it happens. Well, before the start of April, at any rate. 

And this month we’re all about the Switch. The Nintendo Switch, that is. A lot of the devices we use have switches, after all, so it pays to be specific. How it works, what you can play on it, the various hardware configurations, and even a brief history of Ninty’s other innovations are what you can expect from the April 2017 Stuff Magazine. Long story short, you’re going to want to get you one of these.

If you know anything about anything at all, you’ll also know that we’re not going to stop there. We’ve got your first look at the LG G6, which made its debut appearance at this year’s Mobile World Congress. It’s all of LG’s most powerful hardware crammed inside an all-new form factor, one that dispenses with the weird modifications and serves up something a little unusual for the line. The shape of things to come? Could very well be, at that.

What about a pair of Apple’s finest AirPods? Yes, we’ve finally gotten our sweaty hands (ew) on a pair of them and no, we haven’t managed to lose one of them yet. Nor have we succumbed to buying one of those ridiculous tethers to make sure that doesn’t happen. What we have done is tested the Apple AirPods, extensively, which has led to some interesting conversations in the office when folks don’t realise we’re chatting to Siri.

We’ve got all that, and a whole lot more, in the April 2017 issue of Stuff. We’ve got a rundown of the indie games that you have to play, a review of the Ford Mustang GT (and wasn’t that a load of fun to do), some time spent with the DJI Mavic Pro, and lots, lots more. Your first stop should be our mirrorless camera supertest, once you’ve hit the highlights above.


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