Xbox One S local availability confirmed


The wait from August last year to now has been a long one but South Africa finally has an official launch date for the Xbox One S console. The wait is almost over, as Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One S will be launching in South Africa on 13 April.

That’s just before the Easter weekend break, when most of the country will be on holiday, so it’s the perfect time to get acquainted with some new gaming hardware. It will, though, require that you’ve put together some cash for the upgrade from the Xbox One or, perhaps, the Xbox 360 to the HDR-toting, 4K-displaying One S. As it happens, official pricing has also been locked down.

The Xbox One S, in South Africa, will cost R5,000 for the 500GB version of the console, climbing up to R6,000 for the 1TB edition. If we were going to recommend one, the 1TB would be our pick — that space doesn’t last as long as you’d think.

As to whether you should perform that upgrade, we’ve already answered that question for you. There is one more thing to consider before you plonk your money on the counter, though — Microsoft is going to be detailing their upcoming Scorpio console in a few short months, a console upgrade said to be even more powerful than the Xbox One S. If you have to be on the cutting edge of console gaming, you might want to hold off for now.


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