Super Mario Run available on Android from tomorrow


We all know that a mobile game isn’t a mobile game until it has been released on Android. We’ve been expecting Super Mario Run to launch in the month of March but Nintendo America has at last given an official date. 23 March is the date when non-iOS phone users will be able to get their free-to-try Mario endless runner fix — which is tomorrow.

Super Mario Run, in case you’ve missed the memo, is an endless runner, meaning that Mario will run on his own and you’re going to control how he jumps through each stage. This… is a lot more difficult than it sounds, particularly as things pick up speed. It’s also ideally suited to mobile games, which don’t afford players the best control methods in existence. For that, you need a Dreamcast.

But there’s a little more to the game than that, as this extended look at Super Mario Run‘s features explains. There’s a spot of base-building and even some suitably bonkers competitive play with Toad Rally.

Pricing isn’t live yet (and it’ll be paid-for, if the iOS version of the app is any example) but prospective speed-runners can pre-register so that tomorrow’s download is all you need to navigate ahead of getting your game on.

Source: Nintendo


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