Everything wants to be the ultimate sandbox, where you can be… everything


We’ve seen a lot of games but very rarely have we ever encountered anything quite as strange and ambitious and thought-provoking as Everything. Everything is a sandbox game that has been newly released onto the PlayStation 4 and it wants its players to be the universe in a somewhat literal way.

The game, the creation of one David O’Reilly, allows you to play as… well, everything. Players are able to switch their point of view from a bear with a strange form of locomotion to an amoeba. Or an entire galaxy, floating around the void and creating other galaxies. The choice is yours and the point… seems to be what you make of it.

But it’s more than just a free-form sandbox. Everything is narrated by British American philosopher Alan Watts, who covers subjects like life and death, human perception (and, technically, frog and everything-else perception) in a collection of talks recorded before his death that were used to create this weird-looking but entrancing sandbox game. For an example of the combination of strange, on-the-fly shifts in perspective, calming music and philosophy, check out the ten-minute gameplay trailer below. Pay no attention to the bears. They just move like that.

By now your mind should be bending so it’s time to finish the job. Everything is already out on the PlayStation 4 and is available for R240. It’s also set to launch on Steam, for Mac and Windows, on 21 April this year.

Source: Engadget


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