Samsung to launch their cleverly-disguised Frame TV later this year


Samsung has, at an event in New York, announced the launch of several 4K and QLED TVs for 2017. Big whoop, right? That’s not really the New York event we’re most keen on. Except… one of those TV sets is the Frame TV. Or, rather, the The Frame TV. Which doesn’t look much like a television set at all.

Instead, as you can see from the picture above, it resembles a piece of art hanging on a wall. If you’re having trouble spotting it, it’s the large one with the discreet white cable running out of the bottom of its frame.

You could be forgiven for not believing us, though. The Frame, which was debuted at this year’s CES, doesn’t feature a black screen like the TV sets you’ve become accustomed to since they phased out CRTs. Instead The Frame (the capital letter T is definitely intentional) is set to Art Mode, where it will display one of more than 100 available artworks in an attempt to look nothing like a TV when its not in use. And you can of course choose the image you’d like displayed.

That’s not this camouflage artist of a screen’s only disguise trick, though. Samsung will be offering The Frame with interchangeable bezels as well as a Studio Stand so you can get more specific about matching it to a particular setting. Samsung has a new wall mount (gapless, obvs.) and an Invisible Connection (read: clear) solution for cabling, so it really does look more like a painting than a TV.

What they haven’t announced are the TVs launch specs or the pricing anyone can expect, though we’re not expecting an art piece/home entertainment appliance to come cheap. The Frame will be launching in “Spring” but them’s Northern Hemisphere timings. Anything outside of an American launch has yet to be confirmed but we’d be surprised if at least a few didn’t bump up on South African shores after September this year.

Source: Samsung


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